6 Robots that can Ease your House Chores  and Reduce your Workload

The responsibility and convenience of running a home can be tiring, tedious, overwhelming and difficult. Housekeeping responsibilities when added to our normal daily works makes us fagged out at the end of each day. Sharing these responsibilities with either other humans can make the work lighter. As technology develops, so has the advancement in the development of devices that can assist in handling these responsibilities. Some of the already existing devices that you can add to your home appliances are listed here.

ECOVACS DEEBOT M80 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Tired of the mundane task of floor-cleaning? Have you had lot of chores to do today and wish you could outsource the Vacuum Cleaning? Are your kids and other half uncooperative in helping with the house cleaning? If any of these situations refers to you, then ECOVACS M80 comes to the rescue.

A solution from ECOVACS, which started as a manufacturer of traditional vacuum cleaners in 1998, the M80 is an advanced floor-cleaning robot equipped with a large capacity dustbin and intensive cleaning functions.

Although I knew about it long before now, I put off its purchase for a long time… I couldn’t imagine such a small looking device could really do a proper clearing job. Within a couple of weeks of owning it, I can authoritatively tell you that it is an AWESOME device!!!!

We have 2 big and playful boys, two big dogs and a cat! This thing can handle pet hairs and dіrt effortlessly. If you work full-time and usually get tіrеd of working all weekend cleaning the house then do not look beyond this.

We had to laminate our floor about a year ago. We got new high quality carpet in the living room. I didn’t think this vacuum could handle this carpet because it is very thick…it does this with no problem. I LOVE THIS THING!!!! WORKING MOM MUST!

The M80 can basically clean much more thoroughly and for a long time before you have to empty the dustbin. You know what I like about this? It can do both mopping and drying. It also has a 5-stage cleaning system that intelligently ensures your floor is well mopped up and dried to a sparkling shine!

This amazing vacuum has cut my cleaning time by 90%! I didn’t realize how much time cleaning the floors took. I now just run over everything with a swifter duster clean the bathrooms and windex a few things and I am DONE!

You know what makes this robot a very important device to have is its level of independence. When battery power gets low, DEEBOT M80 automatically returns to its charging dock to recharge by itself and is able to detect a stair case and also clean it up.

So you can relax, DEEBOT M80 can clean up to and around stairs without the risk of falling.


Rооmbа іRоbоt 600 Series


  • Conveniently schedule up to 7x per week, or direct command
  • 3-Stage Cleaning System loosens, lifts and cleans all floor types
  • Contains a Lithium ion battery and automatically recharges itself
  • Adaptive navigation uses a wide range of sensors to navigate and adapt to your changing home
  • Automatically adjusts to all floor types whether carpet, tile, hardwood or laminate
  • Modern appearance with Filters that work very well and are easy to clean.
  • Very good at picking up pet hair.

Product Description

How often do we feel there is so much to do and very little time to do it? Or wish we had an extra hand to keep up with daily cleaning and get more done every day? You are not alone.

I had a short chat the other day with my neighbour’s wife, and she went on and on about her Roomba iRobot, how it has saved her from a lot of stress, fatigue and headache. Before now, she used to dread having visitors come over by the middle of the week, and on weekends, she would have to wake up by 5am in other to get the house cleaned up. Rather than stay refreshed for Monday morning, she went to work the first day of the week fatigued already.

So what was it about the Roomba iRobot that was so fascinating to her?

Before I go into that, let me tell you about Roomba iRobot. Roomba iRobot is a house assistant robot made by the guys at iRobot, a technological company designed by some MIT graduates.

 iRobot is a leading global consumer robot company that designs and builds innovative robots able to assist more households do more work both inside and outside the home. They have a wide range of products that include the award-winning Roomba® Vacuuming Robot and the Brava® family of mopping robots. These hard workers have been welcomed into the homes of millions of people around the world. Just like my neighbour’s wife, they are helping people to get more done in shorter time. Designed with the household in mind, Roomba is always on hand to help.

From her assessment since using it, the Roomba 650 vacuum has shown a good ability to navigate over carpet, rugs, under furniture, around clutter, hardwood floors, tile and linoleum removing hairs, dust and large debris from the floor in the process using its 3 stage cleaning systems. You can just press CLEAN or schedule Roomba on the go with the iRobot HOME App. iRobot Home is an Android and IOS app that allows you start, pause and schedule a cleaning exercise.

The Roomba iRobots come in various models, ranging from the Romba iRobot 650, Romba iRobot 652, Romba iRobot 860 and Romba iRobot 690 with Wi-Fi capabilities.

Ozobot Robots

The small but mighty that makes play possible while learning anytime, anywhere

If you are looking for a robot to do your dish washing for you, prepare breakfast and serve you dinner, then the Ozobot is NOT what you are looking for. What the Ozobot however does is become a learning companion to you and your kids. The Ozobot challenges them to be creative, imaginative and retentive. It is a learning toy that opens the doors of computer science, STEM education, robotics and coding to your children at a very early age, making your child one step ahead of the learning curve in school and in life.

I could not help noticing the difference between the kids who have Ozobot as their companion and those who didn’t as I watched a number of kids at a show recently. You could immediately see that the Ozobot kids as I would love to call them were having lot of fun watching their creation perform.

Children at an early age like drawing lines, colouring and making shapes, Ozobot allows them to do that with markers and what makes it more interesting and fascinating for kids is that the tiny device measuring a little above an inch robot responds to those colours and lines. The kids are able to go on an interesting, adventurous, fun and mesmerizing experience by using creative drawings, problem solving, analytic solutions and group challenges to generate movement by the Ozobot. The Ozobot uses letting and colouring code commands in the form of basic colour combinations and lines to serve as a form of code commands that the Ozobot responds to, thereby introducing your kids and stimulating your kids to explore the creative thinking and programming aspect of their brain.

At a kiddie’s event recently, I could not help but watch the joy in the faces of your kids when they saw their creation come into life. The simple to use and easy to learn colour codes are like a secret language between the operator and the robot.

Ozobot has an canning ability to learn the program drawn for them and also play them back on their own after learning it, simulating artificial intelligence (AI). Ozobot, the company that make the robot has a bot for every developmental age of your child, by offering up to five step up modes from Novice to Master that appeal to young kids and even challenge the seasoned programmers. Ozobots grows as the children grow, advancing from colour codes to OzoBlockly and beyond.

This device is able to stimulate the arts and science parts of your child’s brain in one master stroke. Get yours today.

Alpha 1S Robot Companion


  • Aluminium alloy with Pure White Servo Armour
  • Anti-Pinch Structure Design.
  • Quick Charge and Long Play Time.
  • 3D Visual PC Software for Beginners to Advanced Programmers.
  • Intelligent Bluetooth 4.0 Control.
  • App Control Program Feature.
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, and PC.

Product Description

If you ever needed an assistant when performing your yoga, exercise, dancing and other private functions and still enjoy your privacy then perhaps the Alpha 1S is the robot you need. Alpha 1S is a highly flexible robot that can move just like a human, known mostly for their dancing prowess, the household programmable humanoid robot can also be used for education and entertainment purposes. The entertaining humanoid Alpha 1S can be connected to your Android or IOS via Bluetooth and you can download the free software from the UBTECH Robotics or direct from the manufacturer’s website to program the robot. The manufacturer offers premium content which allow users enjoy excellent choices from yoga demonstrations, exercise moves and an awesome song collection. You can also modify such contents and personalize your robotic moves. The process of such modifications allows you to learn how to program a robot to follow your every command. The program can be stimulating for beginners and advanced user. The editing software is simple and easy to operate with 3D visual actions capability and interface, enabling amateurs to learn to edit in no time. Kids have been known to have benefitted from the device.

The Alpha 1S by Ubtech Robotics stands at a height of 398mm (15.3 inches), weighs 1.63kg, and has 16 Servo joints which enable it to move, punch, kick, and dance.

No longer will your kids feel alone, with Alpha 1S you can not only entertain your sons and daughters, but also educate them as well in the process.


Another house chore that can take advantage of the use of robots is the mowing of the lawn. There are a few robots that can do that but the Robomow is particularly suited for it. Mowing the lawn serves as a form of physical exercise for lots of people but there are some who would prefer not to indulge in such physically draining exercise either because they do not have the energy or time to do it themselves. Such people can employ the services of Robomow.

The battery powered Robomow can effectively clear your grass and keep your lawn clean and pristine. It is charged at a Base Station where it stays until it is needed for its next operation. It does this without you having to tell it when to do it You can however manually operate it if you want to.

Scared of it walking or driving itself out of your lawn to your neighbour’s house? Well, the designers of Robomow put that into consideration and have a green cable as part of the tool kit that ensures the Robomow stays within an assigned perimeter as it operates within the axis it has been assigned. The cable is tied around the area you want the Robomow to operate where it serves as a geofencing for it. It can also be controlled by installing its app on your mobile device where you can remotely control it to obey your command.

Despite its high level of autonomy, you still have to lend the Robomow a hand every once in a while by occasionally cleaning out the clogs from the undercarriage and wheels.

The Robomow takes about 24 hours to charge before it can be begin to mow. The default setting is automatic operation, which means it will leave the base station and begin cutting on its own. However you can change how often you want the Robomow to cut your yard and select days and hours that you don’t want it to run. All these can be done on the mower’s operation’s panel.

To protect help protect against theft, Robomow beeps loudly if at attempt is made to remove it from the base station without entering a correct four-digit PIN.


One of the most know advanced Humanoid Robot is designed by a Japanese company called Aldebaran Softbank Robotics. Pepper is an attractive and endearing human shaped humanoid robot designed to integrate with humans as naturally as possible. Because of its design, size and humanoid behaviour, he is easily accepted by everyone.

The robot is designed with five fingers like a human hand, has attentive and responsive eyes with a screen mounted on it chest. It is able to roll on the floor, offer gestures with it arms, chat with customers, answer questions and give directions

Pepper is also able to perceive human emotions and can tell when you are happy, sad or excited. It is able to maintain eye contact with the person it is conversing with and can be a good companion to have around you. By installing certain features on the robot, you can enjoy certain other features that include:

  • Create traffic in your physical locations
  • Welcome and assist customers when they visit
  • Pepper can guide customers in a shopping mail towards locations where products are shelved and help people to find what they’re looking for
  • Inform and offer recommendations about products and services
  • Boost sales, improved management and sales tracking
  • Measure customer satisfaction, study customer opinions in the form of satisfaction

Pepper understands English and Japanese with a good sense of humor that allows it  laugh at a joke. This robot can be a valuable companion to have. They are as at the time of writing only found in Japan.